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  1. Ask Dr. Robert Cooper

    Audio Session: Thursday, June 4, 2009 12:00am

    A one hour Q&A session with Dr. Robert Cooper on product development and innovation challenges

  2. The Brand-ABLE Framework - How to Craft a Compelling Brand

    Audio Session: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 1:00pm

    Audio Session on how to craft a meaningful brand position and create sustainable competitive advantage.

  3. Leveraging the R&D of Federal Labs for Strategic Advantage

    Audio Session: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 1:00pm

    Learn the advantages of working with the federal government on R&D projects as well as the process to uncover and engage with these institutions. This is not a procurement program, but a method to bolster your R&D depth by leveraging federal assets.

  4. Expanding Horizons: Harnessing Innovation from India

    Audio Session: Wednesday, October 1, 2008 1:00pm

    Is it possible to source complete designs or "whole products" from India? What are the opportunities for collaboration with Indian universities and companies? Does an India team help or hinder innovation?

  5. Assessing Technology Readiness and Maturity

    Audio Session: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 1:00pm

    Emerging technology-based projects are often plagued by cost overruns, schedule delays and performance problems. In most of these cases, technology maturity analysis hasn’t been properly conducted, and immature technologies are inserted into products and systems. In this slide presentation, Has Patel discussed current technology due diligence processes and their pitfalls and presented NASA’s developed technology maturity matrix, called Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), now widely accepted by the Department of Defense. Patel also presented a technology maturity matrix which extends the TRLs, by incorporating technology life cycles, such as the technology hype and technology adoption. Finally, the presentation also included a methodology that allows an organization to select, insert and integrate emerging technologies throughout the lifecycle of a project. (36 pages)

  6. Turning on Your Innovation Light Bulb

    Audio Session: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 1:00pm

    In this audio session Sarah Caldicott, President of StarWave Associates and a descendent of Thomas Edison through his second wife, presents research on the methods used by her famous forbear to innovate and invent. Caldicott has identified five competencies used by Edison in his work, which include unstoppable persistence, kaleidoscopic thinking, balancing the creative and the practical, building high-performance collaborative teams, and moving markets. Caldicott presents the reasons why examining Edison’s methods is useful today and provides a number of specific steps that make Edison’s approaches applicable to 21st century corporate environments. (12 pages)

  7. Technology and Strategy Roadmapping Implementation Kit

    Publication | Posted: 2008-08-01

    The Technology and Strategy Roadmapping Implementation Kit is a guide based on practitioner insights and experience

  8. Special Report on Open Innovation Practices

    Publication | Posted: 2008-08-01

    To provide a real-world, practical guide to implementing open innovation, Management Roundtable is pleased to announce its new Special Report on Open Innovation Practices. This Report presents exclusive insights and implementation advice from the foremost experts and leading industry practitioners.

  9. Special Report on Managing Intellectual Property for Product & Technology Development

    Publication | Posted: 2008-08-01

    The heat is on R&D to innovate and the ability to leverage intellectual property (IP) is key. While IP is estimated to comprise as much as 90% of corporate value, most companies have difficulty leveraging this asset. Increased patent activity in industry, a crowded innovation space, and costly litigation have compounded the challenge.

  10. Open Innovation Networks: Creating and Managing an Ecosystem for Innovation Locked

    Research | Posted: 2008-07-04

    While a select group of leading companies have successfully adopted open innovation, demonstrating impressive results, many others are moving slowly or stumbling along the way. Many companies equate open innovation with technology scouting. While scouting remains important, open innovation is much broader incorporating partnerships and informal relationships with networks of external innovators. Fostering these networks is an ongoing process that requires a company to approach business in a fundamentally different way, both externally and internally. In this June 2008 presentation, Mike Docherty, CEO of Venture2, provides an introduction and framework for creating and managing a network of external innovators. This presentation provides case studies demonstrating successful open innovation networks, as well as a straightforward approach to planning, structuring and managing external innovation partnerships to drive internal growth. In this presentation Docherty discusses the importance of moving beyond a narrow focus on technology scouting; defining strategic intent and developing network charters; a framework for creating and managing networks of partners; and how to structure collaborative pilots to harvest opportunities for innovation. (46 slides & audio)

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