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  1. Consumer Goods Provider Reckitt Benckiser Creates Strong Brands with Open Innovation Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2008-04-23

    Reckitt Benckiser is a consumer goods provider of such brands as Woolite, Air Wick, and Vanish. At an April 2008 conference, Reckitt Benckiser’s Tim Cusack discussed his company’s aggressive approach to Open Innovation (OI). Cusack reported that his company has the lowest R&D spend as a ratio to sales in its industry, while generating the highest output among its peers. Open Innovation is one of the strategies helping the company to leverage its internal capabilities and outperform competitors.

  2. Open Innovation - latest methods for tech acquisition Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-06-28

    At Management Roundtable's "Open Innovation and R&D Alliances" workshop held June 5-6, 2006 in Cambridge MA,itwas clearthat themain motivation behind many partnerships is to acquire new technologies. The session, led by noted alliance expert Gene Slowinski of Rutgers University, was attended by R&D executives from awide range of global companies - including makers of everything from food, cosmetics, paperandgreeting cards to pharmaceuticals, oil, aircraft, automotiveand electronics. Yet, despite the diversity, certain insights and practices emerged that were common to all. (Summary inside)

  3. Re-thinking the Stage-Gate Process

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-05-08

    Controversy was stirred at MRT's recent Portfolio & Pipeline Management conference whenLarry Keeley, president and co-founder ofDoblin, Inc. asserted "..the stage-gate model.. is basically going to guarantee total performance mediocrity for your businesses."

  4. Benefits and Challenges of Roadmapping - Practitioner Notes Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-05-02

    In a recent FastTrack interview on Open Innovation, alliance expert Gene Slowinski suggested Strategic Roadmapping as a tool to facilitate opportunity assessment.Roadmappingmay also bein orderifyour organization wrestles with trade-off analysis, resource conflicts,and corporate politics.At an advancedworkshop led earlier this month byIrene J. Petrick, Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University,participants (all experienced practitioners) discussed both thechallengesand benefits of roadmapping - and offered ways to gain buy-in.

  5. Legal Meets R&D: An Emerging Practice for Open Innovation Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-24

    Recent FastTrack research has revealed that managing Legal departments and R&D to cooperate more closely is an emerging practice for Open Innovation.

  6. Want, Find, Get and Manage for Success: An Open Innovation Overview Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-24

    Interview with Gene Slowinski, PhD Gene Slowinski, an expert on alliances and co-author of the recent book The Strongest Link, believes that the emergence of Open Innovation is due to the fact that it has become virtually impossible for a single company to develop complete solutions in-house. In this article, he presents a proven model for Open Innovation based on four stages: Want, Find, Get and Manage. Slowinski cites best practice in each phase of this model. He also discusses key challenges to Open Innovation such as IP management, the changing role of the Legal function and the integration of external resources into the phase-gate process. Slowinski’s conclusion: “Every link in the value-added chain must be open for external innovation.” Download the complete report (5 pages) here.

  7. Legal Meets R&D: The Impact of Open Innovation Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-17

    By Paul Wright, J.D. In this article, Paul Wright, a lawyer and a contributor to FastTrack, explains why it is important for Legal Departments to work much more closely with the R&D function than they ever have before. Wright explains that the trend toward Open Innovation means that intellectual property, in the form of patents, trade secrets and trademarks, is a major portion of the value produced by R&D. This means that asset management is an emerging, core capability for collaborative product development. In this piece, Wright argues for creating closer links between R&D and Legal functions by staffing lawyers on the development teams – or at least getting them into the research loop earlier in the process. He also suggests some ways to formalize the interface between Legal and R&D. (5 pages)

  8. Who Are the Open Innovation Leaders? Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-13

    From what Open Innovation author Henry Chesbrough shared at Codev '06, the following companies have been breaking new ground and re-inventing their product development model.

  9. Resources Suggested by Henry Chesbrough, Open Innovation author Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-13

    In his presentation at the MRT/PDMA conference, Co-Development for Business Growth: Open Innovation and Alternatives (1/31/06), keynote Henry Chesbrough, who literally wrote the bookonOpen Innovation, suggested the following resources and intermediaries to scout new technologies and innovations:

  10. Emotional Design and Product Differentiation:  An Interview with Don Norman Locked

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-02-15

    In this MRT interview, Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things and Emotional Design, speaks about how cognitive and emotional aspects of product design influence buying decisions. Norman explains how ‘design’ involves the customer’s total experience of a product and distinguishes three levels of design: visceral, behavioural and reflective. He also outlines the role that each level of design plays at different stages of the product lifecycle including the differing design requirements of early adopters as compared with ordinary users. A cognitive scientist, Don serves as Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Psychology, and Cognitive Science at Northwestern University. He is also co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group consulting firm. Among his many non-academic activities, Norman was previously Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple Computer.

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