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  1. Considering Partnering or Outsourcing? Protect Your Intellectual Property Locked

    Research | Posted: 2004-06-03

    In co-development partnerships it is vitally important to protect trade secrets, copyrights and other forms of Intellectual Property (IP). Since IP can represent a major source of value for new products, it’s necessary to protect it long before new partnership agreements have been finalized– even from the very first meeting with potential partners. In this report, James Markwith, formerly Corporate Counsel, Worldwide Products and Marketing, Adobe Systems Incorporated, provides an overview of IP concepts and offers strategies on how to protect it. (7 pages)

  2. Johnson Controls Partners With Fitch to Execute Major Product Upgrade Fast and on Budget Locked

    Research | Posted: 2004-06-03

    Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) partnered with Fitch to develop a product that lets office workers control temperature, lighting, and sound from individual workstations. The essential issues that led JCI to look for an outside partner were reduced time-to-market, the need for expertise JCI lacked, the wish for innovative methodologies to significantly reduce manufacturing costs, and the need for new ideas. Along the way, JCI and Fitch encountered – and resolved – bumps in the road caused by materials procurement, vendor selection, and differing accounting and billing systems. (6 pages)

  3. Strategic Alliances Take Senco Products in New Directions Locked

    Research | Posted: 2004-06-03

    Senco a developer of professional and industrial fastening systems, among other products, established a strategic alliance with Taiwan-based Depoan Company in order to compete in faster-changing and more competitive markets. Realizing that its future growth depended on new product development, Senco chose to create a new position within the company dedicated to developing alliances that would enhance and accelerate the company's product portfolio. Learn what went into Senco’s cross-cultural alliance, and some of the surprises that they managed along the way. (6 pages)

  4. Moen Inc. Turns to Strategic Outsourcing to Speed Innovative Products to Market Locked

    Research | Posted: 2004-06-03

    In order to create innovative products faster, Moen, one of the largest suppliers of plumbing products in the world, found a co-development partner that offered complementary core competencies and a willingness to make a reciprocal investment in a long-term relationship. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Moen deliberately chose a company with a radically different culture. The reason: Moen judged that the skills and creativity that an organization needs to be truly innovative aren't necessarily nurtured in a large-company culture like Moen’s. This report describes the anatomy of a very successful co-development alliance between very different companies. (7 pages)

  5. Managing Co-development Projects: Strategic Alliance or Alliance Strategy? Locked

    Research | Posted: 2004-06-03

    From managing a portfolio of alliances, to the finer points of joint development agreements, alliance strategy has emerged as a field of study that is increasingly relevant to product development. Ben Gomes-Casseres, a professor at Brandeis University (Waltham, Mass.), is an authority on alliance strategy and management, with a focus on technology companies. One of the most important, high-level findings of his research is that it is necessary to focus not only on “doing the deal,” but also on an overall alliance strategy that is tied to overall business strategy.This report presents an overview of Gomes-Casseres’s approach to alliance strategy. (7 pages)

  6. SCT Corp. and Campus Pipeline: Co-Development Partners Like David and Goliath – On the Same Side Locked

    Research | Posted: 2004-06-03

    Systems and Computer Technology Corporation (SCT Corp.) and Campus Pipeline, Inc., have engaged in a long-term co-development strategy that has resulted in unique value for the higher education market and mutual benefit for both companies. The SCT/Campus Pipeline co-development partnership successfully brought to market a Web platform, integrated with the core administrative systems of colleges and universities, providing a portal with a series of communication applications. While the two companies are substantially different in both size and experience, their carefully focused product collaboration has turned those differences into assets. Their relationship has made it possible for a new and small-sized company to get a head start, while enabling a larger, established firm to bring innovative technology to its customers. (8 pages)

  7. Collaborative Developers Reveal Areas for Improvement Locked

    Research | Posted: 2004-06-03

    A 2002 survey, conducted by The Performance Measurement Group, LLC (a Pittiglio Rabin Todd and McGrath company), found that strategies, tools and processes for co-development are still emerging. Participants in the survey reveal that practitioners of collaborative development expect to expand their use of the practice in the next several years. The survey suggests that practices, tools and technologies in this domain are still relatively immature and that practitioners are seeking to improve their co-development capabilities. In order for co-development to mature as a practice, improvements are still needed in a number of areas: processes, tools technologies and basic strategies. (5 pages)

  8. Air Products and Chemicals: Where Co-Development Follows Product Development Fundamentals Locked

    Research | Posted: 2004-06-03

    Achieving success through new product development partnerships requires a company to have a robust understanding of its own product development basics long before it turns to drafting its first joint development agreement. The experience of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. demonstrates that when you keep your eye on the basics, co-development comes naturally. This report outlines how co-development occurs within the context of strategy, of the product development process, and of the product portfolio. (7 pages)

  9. Making Open Innovation Alliances Pay Off: 5 Keys to Success

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2014-02-12

    Does Open Innovation really pay off for firms? Who’s getting the most bang for their buck – and how are they doing it? One of the foremost experts on Open Innovation Alliances, Dr. Gene Slowinski, has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of strategic alliances for over 25 years.

  10. Reinventing Corporate Growth - Open Innovation for Tough Times

    Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-12-01

    In the fifth session of Management Roundtable’s Innovation Leadership Guru Series, Gene Slowinski, Director of Strategic Alliance Research, Rutgers University and author of Reinventing Corporate Growth, discussed how Open Innovation partnerships are transforming the nature of competition in industry.

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