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Research & Publications

Research & Publications is a growing collection of case studies, presentations, research reports and other resources focusing on product development, R&D, and innovation management.  These concise reports provide practitioner insights, company examples, benchmarks and thought-leading viewpoints. 

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Technology and Strategy Roadmapping Implementation Kit

Publication | Posted: 2008-08-01

The Technology and Strategy Roadmapping Implementation Kit is a guide based on practitioner insights and experience

Special Report on Open Innovation Practices

Publication | Posted: 2008-08-01

To provide a real-world, practical guide to implementing open innovation, Management Roundtable is pleased to announce its new Special Report on Open Innovation Practices. This Report presents exclusive insights and implementation advice from the foremost experts and leading industry practitioners.

Special Report on Managing Intellectual Property for Product & Technology Development

Publication | Posted: 2008-08-01

The heat is on R&D to innovate and the ability to leverage intellectual property (IP) is key. While IP is estimated to comprise as much as 90% of corporate value, most companies have difficulty leveraging this asset. Increased patent activity in industry, a crowded innovation space, and costly litigation have compounded the challenge.

Special Report on RD&E and Innovation in China

Publication | Posted: 2008-08-01

Is it possible to create new technologies and products when intellectual property practices and cultural norms are so different from our own? What are the risks of sharing ideas? Is it a better strategy to establish a fully-owned R&D center in China? How does a company find and nurture the best partnerships? This Report presents exclusive insights and implementation advice from experts and leading industry practitioners.

Open Innovation Networks: Creating and Managing an Ecosystem for Innovation Locked

Research | Posted: 2008-07-04

While a select group of leading companies have successfully adopted open innovation, demonstrating impressive results, many others are moving slowly or stumbling along the way. Many companies equate open innovation with technology scouting. While scouting remains important, open innovation is much broader incorporating partnerships and informal relationships with networks of external innovators. Fostering these networks is an ongoing process that requires a company to approach business in a fundamentally different way, both externally and internally. In this June 2008 presentation, Mike Docherty, CEO of Venture2, provides an introduction and framework for creating and managing a network of external innovators. This presentation provides case studies demonstrating successful open innovation networks, as well as a straightforward approach to planning, structuring and managing external innovation partnerships to drive internal growth. In this presentation Docherty discusses the importance of moving beyond a narrow focus on technology scouting; defining strategic intent and developing network charters; a framework for creating and managing networks of partners; and how to structure collaborative pilots to harvest opportunities for innovation. (46 slides & audio)

Product Development Metrics Handbook

Publication | Posted: 2008-06-16

This special booklet contains exclusive case studies, survey results and expert commentaries compiled from the award winning newsletter, Product Development Best Practices Report.


Using Patent Analytics to Uncover and Assess Technology Innovation Opportunities - Before Your Competitors Locked

Research | Posted: 2008-05-02

In today’s global economy, Intellectual Property (IP) may be a company’s most valuable asset. To best leverage this asset, leading firms are using a tool called Patent Analytics to assess the competitive technology landscape and make strategic decisions about what technologies to invest in, when (and with whom) to partner or license, and which markets to pursue. This presentation, by technology innovation expert Tom Blailock, provides an overview on how to use Patent Analytics including case examples and multiple approaches. This presentation covers: using a journalistic approach to develop the technology story; setting up the technology landscape assessment; white space; alternative solutions; search techniques; "Draining the Lake" and related metaphors; case examples and demonstrations. (44 slides)

Tireless Communication: Experts Share the State-of-the-Art in Product Development Locked

Research | Posted: 2008-04-15

This overview of the Management Roundtable’s April 2008 PD IMPACT conference summarizes a range of presentations which reflect the current state of Product Development across industries. Presenters from such firms as Texas Instruments, Boeing, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Kimberly-Clark, Honeywell and MEDRAD discussed roadmapping, portfolio management, co-development, open innovation and many other topics of current interest to R&D and product development managers. Issues around managing shared networks and anticipating markets and trends emerged as particularly important themes. Expert practitioners reported that much of the challenge of product development today is engaging these invisible resources and networks to achieve innovation. A variety of tools can facilitate that process; but, at the heart of it all, there is people – communicating tirelessly and incorporating lessons learned into the next iteration. (7 pages)

Technology Scouting: Going "Outside" for Rapid Innovation: Presentation Locked

Research | Posted: 2008-04-02

Presentation for "Technology Scouting: Going “Outside” for Rapid Innovation" by Jay Paap.

Technology Scouting: Going "Outside" for Rapid Innovation Locked

Research | Posted: 2008-03-28

Many top companies are moving to a more open form of technology and product development in which they leverage technical capabilities developed in other sectors or industries to address their own internal needs. Going outside can both speed up and improve technical development, free up scarce internal resources for other high-impact activities, and lead to greater innovation. The key is being open and knowing where to look, how to qualify, and how to apply new externally-developed technologies for rapid commercialization – at a profit to your firm. Rather than relying on ad hoc and sometimes haphazard approaches to technology sourcing, many firms are adopting formal Technology Scouting programs to provide a structured, focused approach to identifying and acquiring new technology. This presentation by Technology Scouting expert, Dr. Jay Paap, presents an overview of the major features, rationales and tips and techniques related to Technology Scouting. Click here to download the presentation slides and then download the text transcript of Dr. Paap’s talk below. (24 pages)

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