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Special Report on Open Innovation Practices

Price: $395

Format: CD-ROM

Pages: 150

"Corporate R&D labs are opening their doors collaborating with suppliers and customers....and tapping networks of scientists and entrepreneurs for the world s best ideas." —Business Week

As firms increasingly turn to external sources and partnerships to generate new ideas and products, “open innovation” has become the cornerstone of corporate growth initiatives.

But with open innovation comes a whole new set of challenges – and rules. When does it make sense to partner versus acquire or license? How do you scout, find and qualify the best ideas and technologies? What IP do you share? What do you protect? How do you measure the return on investment? What are the long-term ramifications for your value chain position?

To provide a real-world, practical guide to implementing open innovation, Management Roundtable is pleased to announce its new Special Report on Open Innovation Practices. This Report presents exclusive insights and implementation advice from the foremost experts and leading industry practitioners.

This Special Report includes:

  • Expert views on the most effective strategies and business models

  • Frameworks for scouting new technologies and finding/selecting/managing external partnerships

  • Case examples from Clorox, Cisco Systems, Palm, Boeing, Affymetrix, and more

  • Recommendations on managing intellectual property, structuring joint development agreements, and other legal considerations

  • Metrics and models for assessing financial performance

  • Recommended further resources, including contact information

  • Slides and presentation materials which can be used for internal reports and meetings

You will receive information and examples to help:

  • Generate economic value from co-development and co-innovation

  • Commercialize knowledge and ideas outside your own business model

  • Create shared ownership and accountability in partnerships

  • Expand into new markets and tap new opportunities around the world

  • Achieve product breakthroughs with external partners

Available NOW on CD in Adobe Acrobat format

Table of Contents

I. Introduction: Expert Viewpoints and Current Trends

  • Want Find Get and Manage for Success: An Open Innovation Overview, Gene Slowinski, Rutgers University, co-author The Strongest Link

  • Outsourcing Innovation: Leveraging External Sources to Drive Internal Growth, Michael Docherty, CEO of Venture2, Luda Kopiekina, President and CEO of Equanex Corporation

  • Using Technology Scouting to Stimulate Innovation: Keys to Focusing the Search, Jay Paap, President, Paap Associates

II. Practitioner Insights

  • Clorox: A Model for Innovation Partnering

  • Palm, Inc.: Global Players Give a Small Player a Large Footprint

  • Boeing: Radical Virtual Team Concept to Create Breakthrough Innovation

  • Affymetrix: Partner with Customers

  • Los Alamos National Laboratories: Co-Innovating with Federal Labs

III. Metrics and Models

  • Calculating ROI from Open Innovation—Simon Hayes, Cisco Systems

  • Joint Development Agreement Models: Examples of practices from such firms as Black & Decker, Clorox, Herman-Miller and Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Open Innovation and Metrics: Designing Partnerships for Measurability—Interview with Wayne Mackey, principal consultant, PDC Inc.

IV. Managing IP for Open Innovation

  • Considering Partnering or Outsourcing? Protect Your Intellectual Property - Interview with James Markwith

  • The Right I-Stuff: Intellectual Capital Management for Open Innovation at Dow Chemical - Interview with Sharon Oriel, Talisker and Associates

V. Conclusions

Appendix: Further Resources for Open Innovation

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