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Lean Product Development Methods and Practices Report

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Applying lean techniques can be a powerful method to reduce development time and improve product development effectiveness, but it is not without new challenges. This report provides insights and implementation advice, including:

  • Implementation examples from the leaders in lean product development, along with “how-to’s” and measurable results

  • Views from renowned experts such as Don Reinertsen, Mike Kennedy, Ron Mascitelli, Tom Devane (and others) on the state-of-the-art and future directions

  • Proven models and practices including batch size reduction, queue management techniques, parallel processes, the removal of non-value-added activities, and flow management

  • Case examples from Boston Scientific, Steelcase, DICKEY-john, Hewlett-Packard, Isothermal Systems Research, Cessna Aircraft, Honeywell Aerospace, Lockheed Martin Astronautics, and more

  • Applications of Lean that lead to greater innovation

From the candid interviews and case examples you will learn:

  1. How lean product development differs from lean manufacturing – differences, similarities and applications of the Toyota Method, Lean Sigma, Agile, and other variations of Lean.

  2. How to apply lean thinking to NPD processes such as phases and gates, co-location, and gathering customer requirements.

  3. About Continuous Flow, a new model for product development that starts with the special nature of each design challenge, and then creates the optimal critical path that would enable a multi-functional team to achieve its goals.

  4. Don Reinertsen’s view on how mature insights from the manufacturing domain apply to product development--important differences between the two. How the concept of "batch size" from the factory floor may be transferred to product development where outputs are less tangible. Why Lean represents an opportunity for transformational change in product development.

  5. A top-down model for Lean Product Development including common failure modes; a list of areas within product development where waste tends to creep in; a model for the various organizational levels at which LPD is applied; specific examples from Lean product development organizations, along with the measurable results they have achieved.

  6. How Boston Scientific turned to Lean to help reduce product development investment, while still managing risk and market requirements. How the company implemented a hybrid of Toyota’s product development system, integrated with best practices in product development.

  7. About Steelcase’s early efforts to adapt lean methodology to product development and how it has extended lean principles from its manufacturing process to pilot projects elsewhere, notably information technology (IT).

  8. How to gain buy-in and momentum; how Hi-Stat, a $116M manufacturer of switches, sensors and valves for automotive applications, developed a robust waste reduction/continuous improvement program that saved the company as much as $10M over a five year period.

  9. How Lockheed Martin Space Systems Astronautics Operations, working in conjunction with other Lockheed companies, adopted its own high-octane blend of Six-Sigma methodologies and Lean concepts.

  10. How High Performance Organizations (HPOs) use the Lean Six Sigma toolset employing a mix of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ approaches to continuous improvement.

Table of Contents


Chapter I. Expert Viewpoints

  • The Impact of Lean Thinking: An Interview with Don Reinertsen, Reinertsen and Associates

  • Lean Product Development the Toyota Way:  A Conversation with Michael Kennedy, Targeted Convergence Corporation

  • Bringing the Value of Lean to Product Development, Mark Thut, PRTM

  • Taking a Lean Approach to Product Development Project Management: An Interview with Ronald Mascitelli, PMP, CMC

Chapter II. Company Examples

  • Honeywell Aerospace: Use of Queuing Theory and Batch Size Reduction to Reduce Cycle Time - Jeff H. Coult, Sr. Technical Manager Honeywell Aeropsace

  • Boston Scientific Corporation: Successful Lean Product Development Boosts Efficiency

  • Steelcase: The Learning Cycle – A Journey from Lean Manufacturing to Lean Product Development

  • DICKEY-john: Incorporation of Lean Design into Traditional Product Development Paul Layton, Product Development Manager, DICKEY-john

  • Hi-Stat: "Wizard of WOW" (War on Waste) Conjures Lean Approach

Chapter III. Practitioner Insights

  • Lean Product Development: Practitioner Overview - Anthony Carter, Director, Motorola, Kent Harmon of Targeted Convergence Corporation andBob Wenning of TBM Consulting

  • Lean Summit Report: Early Successes Encourage Future Applications - Examples of implementations from Hewlett-Packard, Cessna Aircraft, Honeywell Aerospace and Isothermal Systems Research

Chapter IV. Lean and Six Sigma

  • Blending Six-Sigma with Lean Thinking: Lockheed Martin Astronautics Develops Rigorous Training Program for Process Improvement

  • Integrating Design for Lean Six Sigma and High Performance Organizations: Addressing both the Technical and the Human Sides of Improvement, with Tom Devane, author of "Integrating Lean Sigma and High Performance Organizations" (2004)

Chapter V. Conclusions

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