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Can millennials help predict the future of corporate innovation? Management Roundtable and MindSumo launch a challenge to find out

The challenge is designed to tap into the imagination and technical sophistication of college students and provide businesses with a sense of the disruptions and opportunities that lie ahead.

Considerations include product, process, total experience, and business model innovation as well as the impact of the cloud, social networks and other aspects of the global digital economy.

We are quite excited by the combination of outside-the-box thinking with real-world applicability, and response so far has been encouraging.  We plan to share highlights from the winning submissions after the challenge is completed, to provide some insight into how the next generation of innovators envisions the future of corporate innovation. Perhaps some of these ideas can be implemented in your organization – as well as shed light on what inspires young team members.  

The challenge is open through August 31, 2015 and is being managed by MindSumo.