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Want, Find, Get and Manage for Success: An Open Innovation Overview Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-24

Interview with Gene Slowinski, PhD Gene Slowinski, an expert on alliances and co-author of the recent book The Strongest Link, believes that the emergence of Open Innovation is due to the fact that it has become virtually impossible for a single company to develop complete solutions in-house. In this article, he presents a proven model for Open Innovation based on four stages: Want, Find, Get and Manage. Slowinski cites best practice in each phase of this model. He also discusses key challenges to Open Innovation such as IP management, the changing role of the Legal function and the integration of external resources into the phase-gate process. Slowinski’s conclusion: “Every link in the value-added chain must be open for external innovation.” Download the complete report (5 pages) here.

Legal Meets R&D: The Impact of Open Innovation Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-17

By Paul Wright, J.D. In this article, Paul Wright, a lawyer and a contributor to FastTrack, explains why it is important for Legal Departments to work much more closely with the R&D function than they ever have before. Wright explains that the trend toward Open Innovation means that intellectual property, in the form of patents, trade secrets and trademarks, is a major portion of the value produced by R&D. This means that asset management is an emerging, core capability for collaborative product development. In this piece, Wright argues for creating closer links between R&D and Legal functions by staffing lawyers on the development teams – or at least getting them into the research loop earlier in the process. He also suggests some ways to formalize the interface between Legal and R&D. (5 pages)

Resources Suggested by Henry Chesbrough, Open Innovation author Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-13

In his presentation at the MRT/PDMA conference, Co-Development for Business Growth: Open Innovation and Alternatives (1/31/06), keynote Henry Chesbrough, who literally wrote the bookonOpen Innovation, suggested the following resources and intermediaries to scout new technologies and innovations:

Who Are the Open Innovation Leaders? Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-13

From what Open Innovation author Henry Chesbrough shared at Codev '06, the following companies have been breaking new ground and re-inventing their product development model.

Renewed Focus on Innovation at Johnson & Johnson Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-13

FastTrack panel member Jan Wells (Millipore) sent us an article she found on BWOnlineconcerned with the challenges of innovation forone large, traditional company – and how that firm, Johnson & Johnson, is meeting them.

Highly Recommended Resource for Tech Scouting Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-12

At MRT's just-held Tech Scouting workshop, participants were eager to discuss their experiences with online marketplaces, search engines and other resources. One that got rave reviews is...

Palm, Inc. Global Partnerships Give a Small Player a Large Footprint Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-04-03

The emergence of a global market, however, provides fresh opportunities for smaller enterprises to demonstrate that agility can compensate for size.Today’s worldwide market also demonstrates that a smaller company has plenty of room to make use of the abundance of offshore resources that, leveraged carefully along with its own, can help it to compete with larger firms.Palm, Inc., has been doing precisely that by effectively partnering with non-US based ODM (original design manufacturing) firms to design, develop and launch new products.These offshore firms, especially those in Asia, enlarge its resource base, enabling Palm to have the kind of market presence enjoyed by larger companies in its product space. (6 pages)

Strategies for Global PD in a Brazilian Fiat Subsidiary Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-03-01

Bombardier Transportation Global PD Reduces Cycle Time Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-03-01

The Impact of Global Markets: An Interview with Jerry McColgin Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-03-01

Product innovation and the processes that support it have been the focus for Jerry McColgin’s work for 20 years. He currently serves as President for Innovation Services at Venture2, which assists businesses in identifying new sources of revenue through the creation of new products and services. From 1997 until 2004, he was principal of McColgin Consulting. He previously spent 15 years with Whirlpool Corporation, ultimately serving as that company’s Director of Global New Product Development. Management Roundtable recently spoke with McColgin on the subject of global markets as one facet of global product development.

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