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The Impact of Global Markets: An Interview with Jerry McColgin Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-03-01

Product innovation and the processes that support it have been the focus for Jerry McColgin’s work for 20 years. He currently serves as President for Innovation Services at Venture2, which assists businesses in identifying new sources of revenue through the creation of new products and services. From 1997 until 2004, he was principal of McColgin Consulting. He previously spent 15 years with Whirlpool Corporation, ultimately serving as that company’s Director of Global New Product Development. Management Roundtable recently spoke with McColgin on the subject of global markets as one facet of global product development.

Strategies for Global PD in a Brazilian Fiat Subsidiary Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-03-01

Global Product Development Metrics Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-03-01

Emotional Design and Product Differentiation:  An Interview with Don Norman Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-02-15

In this MRT interview, Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things and Emotional Design, speaks about how cognitive and emotional aspects of product design influence buying decisions. Norman explains how ‘design’ involves the customer’s total experience of a product and distinguishes three levels of design: visceral, behavioural and reflective. He also outlines the role that each level of design plays at different stages of the product lifecycle including the differing design requirements of early adopters as compared with ordinary users. A cognitive scientist, Don serves as Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Psychology, and Cognitive Science at Northwestern University. He is also co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group consulting firm. Among his many non-academic activities, Norman was previously Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple Computer.

Framework & Overview: Design as a Differentiator Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-02-01

General Electric’s Renewed Commitment to Design Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2006-02-01

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