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Quick Insights

Making Open Innovation Alliances Pay Off: 5 Keys to Success

Quick Insight | Posted: 2014-02-12

Does Open Innovation really pay off for firms? Who’s getting the most bang for their buck – and how are they doing it? One of the foremost experts on Open Innovation Alliances, Dr. Gene Slowinski, has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of strategic alliances for over 25 years.

Valuation of Intellectual Property for Open Innovation

Quick Insight | Posted: 2012-02-07

How do you value your IP or the patent(s) of potential partners? Should you even consider co-innovation if you’re potentially sacrificing company value?

Lost in Transition: Matching Your Leadership Style to Organizational Change Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2010-03-29

Michael Watkins discusses transition leadership – both individual and organizational – and how to match your actions and style to the specific transition(s) you are facing. Drawing upon his books (The First 90 Days and Your Next Move) and experience with companies in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, he outlines different types of business transitions and key success factors.

Innovation and R&D in Emerging Markets – The New Networked Model for Global Success Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2010-03-24

Navi Radjou , Executive Director of the Centre for India & Global Business at the University of Cambridge, discusses R&D and innovation in emerging markets such as India, China and Brazil. Drawing upon industry examples (Cisco, GE, IBM, John Deere, Best Buy, and others), he describes the opportunities and challenges, particularly in India. He outlines a networked “polycentric” innovation model and offers guidelines for implementation success.

Peripheral Vision: Detecting Weak Signals and Untapped Innovation Opportunities Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2010-03-09

On February 24, 2010, George Day kicked off MRT’s 2010 Innovation leadership Guru Series with a presentation and discussion on peripheral vision -- how to sense to changes in the environment and pick up on weak signals that indicate both threats and opportunities. Drawing from his experience with companies such as GE, DuPont, and Mattel -- as well as his book, "Peripheral Vision: Detecting the Weak Signals that Can Make or Break Your Company," he offered guidelines to improve an organization's capability.

Six Levers of Innovation: Creating an Integrated Innovation Organization Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-12-19

In the sixth and final session of Management Roundtable’s Innovation Leadership Guru Series, Robert Shelton, Director, PRTM, co-author of Making Innovation Work, discussed the strategic value of technology innovation and business model innovation levers. While technology innovation levers are used extensively, business model levers are underutilized and can deliver even greater benefits.

Reinventing Corporate Growth - Open Innovation for Tough Times

Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-12-01

In the fifth session of Management Roundtable’s Innovation Leadership Guru Series, Gene Slowinski, Director of Strategic Alliance Research, Rutgers University and author of Reinventing Corporate Growth, discussed how Open Innovation partnerships are transforming the nature of competition in industry.

Discovery-Driven Growth – A Breakthrough Process Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-11-02

Rita Gunther McGrath, Associate Professor, Columbia University and co-author of Discovery-Driven Growth: A Breakthrough Process to Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity, discusses strategy and techniques for achieving bold growth at minimal cost and risk. Uncertainty comes with the territory of growth -- different disciplines are required for exploring uncertain areas versus mainstream. Discovery-driven planning (DDP) enables exploration of the unknown while setting clear boundaries and guidelines.

The Two Faces of Platform Innovation – Productivity and Revenue Growth Locked

Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-10-26

In the third session of Management Roundtable’s Innovation Leadership Guru Series, Marc H. Meyer, Professor, Northeastern University and author of "The Fast Path to Corporate Growth," discussed how industry leaders have been able to add new revenue streams - while lowering costs - through platform innovation. He provided guidelines and illustrative examples of platforming, building on core strengths, moving into adjacencies, creating new business models, and mitigating risk.

Evaluating & Choosing Opportunities When ROI is Unpredictable

Quick Insight | Posted: 2009-10-05

In the second session of Management Roundtable's Innovation Leadership Guru Series, well-respected technology and innovation expert Jay Paap, president of Paap Associates, discusses a common dilemma facing organizations – choosing and justifying innovative projects when hard numbers are unavailable. Paap points out that truly innovative projects have few, if any, 'hard numbers.' Though companies attempt to minimize risk by waiting until unknowns are resolved, the consequence is missing the window of opportunity while competitors step in. To overcome this dilemma, he provides non-quantitative but rational guidelines to decision-making, choosing opportunities and managing innovative projects.

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