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Past Conferences & Workshops


Breakthrough Innovation: Balancing Strategic Perspective and Tactical Implementation

Workshop: Mar 19 - 20 / Tampa. FL

Today's markets and economic realities require development methods that are more agile and responsive than ever, but most companies are mired in traditional processes that are comfortable, but sluggish and risk averse. In this two-day workshop, Dr. Robert Cooper will show you how to transition to the latest tools and methods designed to pick the most strategic product and service concepts and then speed them to market.

CoDev and Open Innovation 2013

Conference: Feb 11 - 13 / La Jolla, CA

CoDev2013 addresses current trends, emerging issues as well as the core fundamentals needed to launch, sustain and profit through open innovation. This highly acclaimed annual forum consistently assembles an extensive network of open innovation practitioners and leading thought leaders in an effort to foster a collaborative open innovation community, exchange lessons learned, and connect with potential partners.


    Product & Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth: Linking Markets, Products and Technology

    Workshop: Nov 6 - 7 / MIT Endicott House, Dedham, MA

    A two-day workshop on how to develop, implement and successfully execute strategic roadmaps in your company

    Design Thinking -- Extreme Customer Driven Innovation

    Workshop: Oct 29 - 30 / Boston, MA

    A hands-on two day workshop on how leading companies are turning to the methods of Design Thinking to help solve fuzzy, ill-defined problems that can lead to major breakthroughs. Design Thinking offers established methods that help unite business strategy with creative, highly innovative processes for keeping the customer at the center of the new product development

    R&D Metrics: Quantifying Portfolio Decisions, Projects and Profits

    Workshop: Sep 24 - 25 / Chicago, IL

    A two-day executive workshop on how to manage R&D portfolio investments, set predictive goals and metrics and successfully identify and execute innovation.

    Second Generation Lean Product Development: Applying the Principles of Flow

    Workshop: Aug 6 - 7 / Chicago, IL

    A two-day workshop on practical, economically justifiable approaches for applying lean methods in product development

    Open Innovation Masterclass

    Workshop: Jul 31 - 31 / Chicago, IL

    An intensive one-day workshop on planning, structuring and negotiating open innovation alliances.

    Transforming Corporate Innovation: Using Outcome-Driven Innovation to Accelerate Growth

    Workshop: Jul 18 - 19 / San Francisco, CA

    An intensive two-day seminar on how to drive higher innovation success rates. Fundamentally redesign your innovation process to capitalize on substantial growth opportunities in core and new, adjacent markets.

    Fast and Innovative Product Development

    Workshop: Jun 20 - 20 / Mountain View, CA

    An intensive one day workshop that span the entire product development cycle from ideation to product release, and includes case studies in Strategy, Management, Execution, Organization and Process.

    Technology Scouting to Accelerate Innovation

    Workshop: Jun 4 - 5 / Cambridge, MA

    A two day course on implementing an external technology scouting program

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