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Past Conferences & Workshops


The 20th Product Development Metrics Summit

Workshop: Oct 18 - 20 / Norwood, MA

This Summit covers everything an executive needs to know relating to measuring R&D, Advanced Development, Product Development, Innovation, Technical and Functional Competencies, R&D Productivity, and R&D-related Intellectual Property. We will connect the numerous metrics going three levels deep into the R&D-Product Development organizations to the handful of KPIs needed by CEO for financial reporting and investors in a single one-page portfolio.

Agile Innovation Guru Series: Driving Speed, Delighting Customers

Workshop: Oct 11 - 20 / Online: 10/11-10/13-10/18-10/20

An exclusive webinar ‘sprint’ series on Agile product development across functions and industries, taught by the foremost industry experts. How do you get the right products out fast? Receive immediate action steps to meet your organization’s needs.

Medical Device Product Development Using Lean and Agile Methods

Workshop: Sep 27 - 28 / Chicago, IL

This 2-day class will provide a high level overview of design control requirements, a survey of key lean and agile techniques, and how they should be integrated into medical device product development.

e-Learning Master Class on the Disruptive Competitor Framework

Workshop: Jun 8 - 15 / Online E-Learning Master Class

A two part course on how to apply the lessons of Disruptive Competitors to grow your core business and build new revenue streams. Winning organizations use disruption to their advantage. Either disruption will be the source of enormous emotional stress or disruption will motivate new thinking and initiatives.

e-Learning Master Class on Implementing Open Innovation

Workshop: May 6 - 13 / E-Series - 5/3, 5/6, 5/10, 5/13

This 4 part master class provides a practical roadmap that helps managers grow the corporation using external relationships. It describes proven methodologies used by many Fortune 500 companies. The course provides market-proven tools and techniques as well as real-world industry examples.

Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit

Conference: Apr 25 - 26 / Chicago, IL

Two highly-productive, stimulating, modular days One for leaders to shape, communicate, and kickoff the plan; the next for teams to acquire the skills, capabilities, and tools to deliver it


    e-Learning Masterclass on Technology Scouting and Crowdsourcing to Accelerate Innovation

    Workshop: Mar 7 - 16 / eSeries -- 3/7, 3/9, 3/14 & 3/16

    A four part e-learning series on using crowdsourcing and scouting to accelerate the development of innovative new products and services

    Product & Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth: Linking Markets, Products and Technology

    Workshop: Feb 24 - 25 / Burbank, CA

    Product & Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth: Linking Markets, Products and Technology

    Collective Disruption to Accelerate Growth

    Workshop: Jan 21 - 21 / Chicago. IL

    This one day workshop provides corporate leaders with a framework and tools for organizing and leading breakthrough innovation efforts within mature enterprises that traditionally struggle with risk and uncertainty.

    E-learning Master Class on Winning at New Product Innovation

    Workshop: Nov 5 - 19 / Online Series - Nov. 5, 12, 16, 19

    A 4 part master class on Winning at New Products with Dr. Robert Cooper

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