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Past Conferences & Workshops


Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit

Conference: Apr 25 - 26 / Chicago, IL

Two highly-productive, stimulating, modular days One for leaders to shape, communicate, and kickoff the plan; the next for teams to acquire the skills, capabilities, and tools to deliver it


    e-Learning Masterclass on Technology Scouting and Crowdsourcing to Accelerate Innovation

    Workshop: Mar 7 - 16 / eSeries -- 3/7, 3/9, 3/14 & 3/16

    A four part e-learning series on using crowdsourcing and scouting to accelerate the development of innovative new products and services

    Product & Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth: Linking Markets, Products and Technology

    Workshop: Feb 24 - 25 / Burbank, CA

    Product & Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth: Linking Markets, Products and Technology

    Collective Disruption to Accelerate Growth

    Workshop: Jan 21 - 21 / Chicago. IL

    This one day workshop provides corporate leaders with a framework and tools for organizing and leading breakthrough innovation efforts within mature enterprises that traditionally struggle with risk and uncertainty.

    E-learning Master Class on Winning at New Product Innovation

    Workshop: Nov 5 - 19 / Online Series - Nov. 5, 12, 16, 19

    A 4 part master class on Winning at New Products with Dr. Robert Cooper

    The New Age of Collaboration, Innovation, and Product Development

    Workshop: Oct 7 - 8 / Louisville, Kentucky

    This exclusive session, hosted by CIMdata, features keynote presentations, interactive discussions, tour of the cutting-edge First Build Microfactory, and networking dinner! Speakers include First Build's Taylor Dawson, BASF's Dr. Svetlana Dimovski, and Local Motors. CIMdata’s Collaborative Innovation & Product Development Workshop is a must-attend event for industrial organizations and solution and service providers involved with open innovation, new product development, and ensuring Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and social technology solutions meet business expectations. It provides independent education and a collaborative networking environment where ideas, trends, experiences, and relationships critical to these topics germinate and take root. The theme for this workshop is The New Age of Collaboration, Innovation, and Product Development.  With rapid advances in digital technology and hyper-connectivity around the globe, the early 21st century has all the signs of a transitional time with no clear pathway to the future. Complexity is increasing as familiar boundaries are being altered forever and information is growing exponentially. While PLM has been embraced by many as a successful business strategy and more recently has emerged as a platform for innovation, significant challenges remain. Companies want to embed business processes with intelligent workflows in the tools to help easily identify experts, get close to customers, collaborate externally with partners, and reduce operational cycles with better internal collaboration, yet they struggle with strategic, cultural, and technology questions. This workshop will focus on creating insights into the following questions that were voiced in previous workshops: * How to balance openness and speed with security and protection of intellectual property (IP)?

    Accelerating Electronic Hardware Development with Agile Methods

    Workshop: Jun 26 - 26 / Online Course

    A four part online series on integrating hardware and software development best practices.

    Kano Innovation Collaborative

    Workshop: Jun 10 - 10 / Online/Your Office

    The Kano Model helps organizations determine the must-haves and exciters. True differentiators become readily apparent and product development efforts can then focus on the attributes that customers will not only be attracted to, but will pay a premium for. Further, time and resources will not be expended on features that may not only be unimportant to customers, but could turn them away.

    Product Management Master Class: The Innovator's Guide to Strategy

    Workshop: May 8 - 8 / Online Course

    A four part series on helping innovator's focus their product development efforts

    Product & Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth: Linking Markets, Products and Technology

    Workshop: Apr 7 - 8 / Waltham, MA

    Product & Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth: Linking Markets, Products and Technology

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