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Past Conferences & Workshops


Getting the Voice of the Customer Right

Workshop: Dec 3 - 4 / San Diego, CA

An intensive, two-day seminar on how to design, conduct and analyze customer visits for new product innovation. Learn proven techniques to identify customer needs -- including unmet, unspoken needs -- and significantly boost your product success rate.

Defining Customer Value with VoC

Conference: Nov 18 - 19 / Atlanta, GA

A two-day interactive conference on how to develop, implement and reap greater value from your Voice of the Customer initiatives.

Technology Sourcing for Faster Innovation and Business Growth

Conference: Oct 28 - 30 / Boston, MA

How to successfully go outside for new technologies and ideas - and profitably bring ‘outside in’.


    Stage-Gate® Innovation

    Workshop: Oct 21 - 22 / Oak Brook, IL

    An intensive two-day seminar on how to improve your gating and portfolio management process to realize higher productivity, better success rates and increased profits.

    Profiting from Lean Product Development

    Conference: Oct 14 - 15 / Chicago, IL

    A two-day conference on key strategies and approaches to effectively apply lean thinking to product development and substantially improve top-line growth.


      Increasing New Product Hit Rate

      Workshop: Sep 23 - 24 / Waltham, MA

      A practical two-day workshop on how to get the most out of your innovation dollars and resources.

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