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Open Innovation Masterclass

Using the Alliance Framework to Achieve Corporate Growth

Date: March 11, 2014

Location: Warren, NJ


Open Innovation is transforming the competitive landscape. Leading companies are replacing the “not invented here” syndrome with the “invented anywhere” approach. However, Open Innovation must be approached with iron discipline. The Alliance Framework is a market-proven tool that enables firms to successfully execute Open Innovation and achieve powerful, measurable results. -- Gene Slowinski

The Alliance Framework® is the premier tool for planning, structuring and negotiating Open Innovation alliances. During this one-day intensive workshop, you will receive expert guidance on applying the tool to a variety of complex, multinational, technology-based and/or “David-Goliath” deals.

Gene SlowinskiLed by acclaimed strategic alliance/Open Innovation guru
Gene Slowinski, Ph.D. Director, Open Innovation & Strategic Alliance Research, Rutgers University; author of Reinventing Corporate Growth and co-author of The Strongest Link; Managing Partner, Alliance Management Group Inc.



  • Step-by-step process and advanced techniques to excel at Open Innovation; take your partnerships to the next level
  • How to apply the Alliance Framework to complex deals and new expansion opportunities; ensure internal alignment, negotiate win-win deals, select the right governance model and effectively manage the relationship – even in complicated or seemingly unbalanced situations
  • Best practices for allocating Intellectual Property rights, determining royalty rates, upfront payments and milestone payments; maximizing the value of the alliance


Ben Weigand

Dr. Ben Wiegand
Head of Open Innovation
J&J Consumer Products

 As the pace of innovation accelerates, companies cannot develop all of the innovation they need to sustain growth. It is critical that firms build an innovation ecosystem that is broad and diverse enough to meet marketplace needs. This process requires new skills, competencies and specific metrics to track progress. Join Dr. Wiegand as he describes the process of assembling an appropriate ecosystem and suggests appropriate metrics.

Interview with Gene Slowinski on becoming the "partner of choice"


Alliance Framework is a registered service mark of Sagal and Associates, Inc.

About the Session Leader

Gene SlowinskiGene Slowinski is the Director of Strategic Alliance Research at the Graduate School of Management, Rutgers University and Managing Partner of the Alliance Management Group, a consulting firm devoted to the formation and management of strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions. Prior to forming the Alliance Management Group, he held management positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Novartis Corporation. In addition to a Ph.D. in Management, Gene holds an MBA, and a Masters Degree in the sciences. He is a member of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Technology Commercialization Advisory Board

For the last 25 years Dr. Slowinski has consulted and conducted research on the formation and management of strategic alliances, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. His clients include GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, ExxonMobil, General Mills, Eastman Chemical, Kraft, Becton Dickinson, and many other Fortune 500 firms. An author and lecturer, Gene has presented his work to The Conference Board, the Licensing Executives Society, The Industrial Research Institute, and The American Electronics Association. His articles on managing strategic alliances can be found in Business Horizons, Research*Technology Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Economic Development Quarterly, Les Nouvelles, Cooperative Strategies in International Business, The Journal of Advanced Management, and Managing the High Technology Firm. With Matt Sagal, he co-authored the book The Strongest Link. His new book, Reinventing Corporate Growth is the leading book on growing the corporation.

Gene is active in the technology management community. He is a member of the Industrial Research Institute's Research-on-Research Committee, and the Technology Management Research Center at Rutgers University. In addition, he is on the Board of Directors of Advanced Adjuvants LLC.


About the Guest Speaker

Ben WiegandBenjamin C. Wiegand, Ph.D. is Vice President, Global Open Innovation and New Business Models R&D, Johnson & Johnson Group of Consumer Companies. In this role, he is responsible for developing core strategic and scientific partnerships to bring disruptive innovation to our current and future growth areas for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies. As part of these efforts, he is also working to develop new business and funding models to accelerate these new growth opportunities.

Prior to this role, Ben was the General Manager, Employer Franchise and Vice President, Science and Innovation, Wellness & Prevention, Inc. In this role, he had overall responsibility for the Employer Franchise of the Wellness & Prevention business, which focuses on providing health & performance solutions to large and jumbo employers to help them effectively manage their health care costs as well as improve employee productivity. In addition, he led the overall Science & Innovation efforts to support the Wellness & Prevention enterprise, compassing both the innovation development engine of the organization, as well as measuring and communicating the wide range of industry leading outcomes associated with Wellness & Prevention’s suite of solutions.

Ben was with the Wellness & Prevention business since its inception in 2008, working with a cross functional team to demonstrate the strategic importance of this new business to the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. As part of that strategic effort, he served as a core member of the Johnson & Johnson Diligence team in recommendation of the HealthMedia, Inc. acquisition. He also led the Research & Development and Intellectual Property Assessment, and worked on the business model development.
Ben has worked at Johnson & Johnson for over 15 years, with experiences in a wide range of the Johnson & Johnson Consumer businesses. He has a broad range of experience in both short term product development as well as long term innovation. In that role, he was named a 2008 Johnson Medal recipient for his work on key behavioral studies of the effect of rituals in improving infant sleep behaviors.

Ben holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Illinois, and both a M.A. and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Harvard University.

8 Key Benefits/5 Key Deliverables

By participating in this in-depth, interactive session, you will learn:

  1. How to use the Alliance Framework to plan, negotiate and structure Open Innovation relationships that are mutually beneficial and scalable for growth. Accelerate time to reach agreements and gain greater certainty of success.
  2. How industry leaders are forming Open Innovation alliances to tap into emerging markets and expand global footprint. How to use the Alliance Framework to build relationships in China, India and other countries where intellectual property laws and cultures are different and often complicated.
  3. Effective practices for technology-based firms and market-facing firms to co-develop breakthrough products. How to structure early-stage R&D agreements when commercial potential is high but unknown.
  4. Risk-reward sharing approaches that are fair and motivating to both firms –methods to determine the financial pie split; make sure the pie is big enough in the first place. How to manage timing, cost, and NPV allocation.
  5. How to allocate intellectual property between partners. How to identify crown jewels, allocate rights (background vs. foreground), and create an IP needs matrix.
  6. How to grow a flourishing alliance leading to multiple product lines and new businesses. When and how to create a network of partners.
  7. How to overcome special problems with collaborative R&D relationships. What to do when decision-making processes and work styles differ. How to balance responsibilities and control of power between large/small and established/start-up companies. How to deal with an underperforming alliance.
  8. Why it is increasingly important in today’s fast-moving and competitive environment to be your industry’s “Partner of Choice.” How skilled use of the Alliance Framework is central; how to master this tool.


Specifically you will receive:

  1. Hands-on guidance and advice from a leading expert, including recommendations for your unique challenges and opportunities
  2. Proven framework for implementing Open Innovation – including IP needs matrix, financial model, benchmarks, and key success factors
  3. Complimentary copy of Reinventing Corporate Growth by Gene Slowinski
  4. Full set of reference materials which you may share with others in your firm
  5. New network of peers to exchange ideas both during and after the session

Agenda at a Glance

8:00 –8:30 Registration and continental breakfast
8:30 – 9:00 Introductions and Expectations. The course is tailored to the needs of participants; this is not a one-size fits all session.
9:00 – 10:00 Implementing Open Innovation - Learn from the leaders’ experiences. We will extract important lessons from both successes and failures.
10:00 – 10:15 Cross talk
10:15 – 10:30 Break
10:30 – noon The Alliance Framework
Noon – 1:00 Lunch
1:00 – 2:00 Building and Managing a Global External Innovation Function - Dr. Ben Wiegand, Head of Open Innovation, J.J. Consumer Products
2:00 – 3:00 Structuring the Boundaries of the relationship, determining each firms’ exclusivity needs and allocating intellectual property rights between the partners
3:00 – 3:30 Break
3:30 – 4:30 Sharing risk and reward through the financial model, upfront payments, milestone payments, developing royalty rates and determining the NPV split between partners.
4:30 – 5:00
Summary of the day and adjourn

 Alliance Framework is a registered service mark of Sagal and Associates, Inc.

This workshop will be of most benefit to:

Executives responsible for new product development, R&D, business development, innovation, partnerships/alliances/licensing, marketing, technology strategy, and corporate growth. The skills covered are also critical for corporate lawyers, intellectual property managers and financial executives. Attend with others from your company and take advantage of this opportunity to map out action steps together; group discounts are offered (please see registration page).

Note: This session is limited to 30 participants - early registration advised

What Past Participants Say About this Workshop

“This workshop provided relevant, insightful, experience-based, and actionable material on a subject of rapidly increasing importance to business.”
Robert Scott, Director Business Development-IP,

“Great background information and step-by-step to-do and not-do. Great energy!”
Wayne Sula, Sr Market Development Manager,
Hollingsworth & Vose

“Valuable discussion, great materials. Excellent!” Connie Palucka, Managing Director, Business Growth, Catalyst Connection

“…this structured workshop gave me excellent tools” Werner Kaufman, Sr Manager Technology Scouting, BASF Corp

“Excellent, very thorough.” Shawn McComb, Manager Enterprise Advanced Marketing, Deere & Company

“Discussion and tools helped build on my foundation [and] improve my methods.”
John Finch, Principal Engineer,

… presented complex topics in an understandable and actionable way."
Margaret Saunders, Executive Vice President, Oak Ridge Strategy Group

Engaging style! A believer.” Rusty Koenigkramer, Group Technology Director, ITW

“Great networking event!” Kevin Barry, Energizer

Useful for expert practitioners.” Francisco Arinci, Rich Products Corp.


Registration and Logistical Information

Dates/Schedule: The workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Registration and continental breakfast begin at 8am. The session begins at 8:30am and concludes at 5 pm.

Registration Fee: $995/person. Fee includes workshop materials, luncheon, refreshment breaks, and complimentary copy of Reinventing Corporate Growth. Teams of 3 or more that register together may deduct $100 per person from the fee.
Note: This session is limited to 30 participants - early registration advised

Venue: The workshop will be held at the The Somerset Hills Hotel – 200 Liberty Corner Road – Warren, NJ 07059 P: (908) 647-6700. This location is convenient to both New York City, NY and Newark, NJ. 

Accommodations: A block of rooms has been reserved at The Somerset Hills Hotel. Call 908-647-6700 for reservations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Full refund of registration fee or credit toward future event.

Cancellations/Substitutions: You may send a substitute at any time with no penalty (please inform us in advance). Cancellations made within ten (10) business days of the event are subject to a $250 administrative fee which may be credited toward a future Management Roundtable program. No-shows are liable for the full fee.

Workshop Attire: Business casual. Layers recommended as room temperatures may fluctuate

How to register

Register for this event:

Or register by phone:

Call 1-800-338-2223 or 781-891-8080 (9:00am - 5:30pm EDT)

In company training

This session can be brought directly to your site. Benefits include:

  • Lower cost per participant
  • Time savings
  • No travel required
  • Content tailored to your specific needs
  • Implementation is jump-started through team participation and instructor's hands-on guidance

Contact 781-891-8080 for more information and price quote.