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The Portfolio Sweet Spot

How Do You Use Customer Value to Set Product Priorities?

Location: Your office

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET


In this presentation, Richard Tait of Product Development Consulting, Inc. presents the three key value dimensions that determine the portfolio sweet spot and should be used for portfolio decision-making: customer value, strategic value and investment intensity. To deliver customer value, says Tait, understand what drives customers, what motivates them:  what are the obstacles that get in their way? What’s made their jobs and their lives frustrating, difficult, challenging, impossible? What gets in the way of them being successful, both as an individual and for their company? Creating customer value involves eliminating these pain points. Strategic value is the measure of how effectively an element of the portfolio supports and drives the success of the strategy of the business unit or enterprise, and enables a business unit to meet its strategic objectives. Investment intensity is the combined level and profile of the complete complement of resources (people, dollars, materials, intellectual property, etc.) to develop a product and support its commercialization in a way that meets the targeted strategic objectives of the business. In addition to the three key value dimensions, Time-to-Market and Core Competencies are critical measures for achieving strategic balance. In this audio session, Tait presents tools to qualify and quantify many aspects of each of the three key value dimensions and to display them in a consistent fashion.
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