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Execution is Everything – AIM Makes It Happen

Learn how the Accelerated Implementation Model (AIM) reliably turns strategy and ideas into real results

Location: Your office

Date: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm ET




"We have a clear strategy and awesome ideas….so why can’t our people just execute?”

“...We don’t lack great ideas. Instead, I’d characterize our problem as ‘Pilot-it is’ – islands of success in a sea of opportunity ...” excerpt from an interview with the president of a large industrial company

“Winning isn’t defined by how innovative we are - it’s defined by whether we implement our innovations better than [our competitors] do.” Business unit leader at a medical device firm

AIM is the missing middle step in change, distinctly different than ideation and full scale executionJust like the folly of 'Ready – Fire', lack of AIM is the real issue holding people back. 

Is your business drowning in good ideas and strategies, while starved for effective and efficient implementation? You’re not alone; numerous studies indicate that even well-defined strategies are only executed between 10-25% of the time. The answer is not more, or even better, ideas. The answer is execution. With today’s intense pressure to speed products to market, teams often miss the critical middle step between ‘ready’ and ‘fire’  – you need to ‘aim’ your implementation, not at root causes of problems, but at leveraging small successes.

The Accelerated Implementation Model (fittingly known as AIM®) is a proven, three step framework and toolset that helps you focus on just the right activities-- and stop the rest. Like a metaphorical GPS, AIM ensures you reach your goal on the fastest route with the least ‘traffic.’ Wayne Mackey is the leading authority on the AIM method with over 30 years of applied VOC, portfolio, and analytics experience. Having applied the framework in numerous organizations across a wide range of initiatives, results have consistently been measurable and significant.

Eventbrite - Execution is Everything

In this interactive, complimentary webinar, Wayne will provide an overview of the framework, its applications, and the results you can expect to achieve. Highly recommended for executives responsible for innovation strategy and their teams.  Slides and 90 day access to recorded session are included.


What You Will Learn

  • What exactly is AIM? Where do we begin?
  • Is your new strategy or change really ready for implementation? A four-part, inquiry-based tune-up
  • How to identify your islands of success in a sea of opportunity
  • Uncertainty aversion versus risk aversion 
  • Resource redirection: Exactly what will we stop doing that we are doing now, and who will stop doing it?
  • Results: The three implementation metrics that count and how to objectively measure and reward them

For those that wish to dive deeper, you may choose to attend our exclusive one-day executive workshop to focus on your specific AIM roadmap.


Session Leaders

Wayne Mackey
Product Development Consulting, Inc.

Mr. Mackey has been a Principal with Product Development Consulting, Inc. since 1997. Prior to joining PDC, he worked in industry for 20 years in high tech, aerospace and automotive fields. He is a natural change agent and leader, having counseled Fortune 500 companies, major universities (Stanford, MIT, Carnegie-Mellon) and government agencies in product development, supply chain management, and rapidly implementing enterprise-wide change. Mr. Mackey also has worked as a senior scientist, program manager, engineering manager and systems engineering manager.

Wayne Mackey's expertise is grounded in over twenty years of hands-on leadership of large engineering, manufacturing, and procurement organizations. His management consulting is focused on product / service development, and he is especially effective in collaborative design, metrics, portfolio management and business strategy implementation. He is co-author of the best selling book Value Innovation Portfolio Management: Achieving Double-Digit Growth Through Customer Value, and co-author of the PDMA Toolbook for Product Development III.

Mr. Mackey is an internationally acknowledged expert in metrics and has been a keynote speaker on achieving rapid organizational change, partnering and applying the voice of the customer to product development. He earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and economics from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in engineering, from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California 

Eventbrite - Execution is Everything