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Dr. CooperPD Metrics SummitPD Metrics Summit
 Agile Stage Gate for Manufacturers

Upcoming events

  1. The 21st Product Development Metrics Summit

    Workshop: Feb 28 - Mar 2 / Norwood, MA

  2. Three Keys to Making Roadmapping Stick

    Audio Session: Thursday, March 9, 2017 11:00am

  3. ISPIM INNOVATION FORUM: Fostering Innovation Ecosystems

    Conference: Mar 19 - 22 / Toronto, Canada

MRT News & Updates

Voice of the Customer Research Technique that Works (Free Download)

Visiting customers can be a very effective way to gain insights that can help differentiate your product in the marketplace by discovering unmet customer needs that your next release can help address. However, it is important to conduct customer visits properly. Dr. Ed McQuarrie author of Customer Visits offers 16 tips to make your customer visits as effective as possible in this free download.

Are You Actively Monitoring More than 5 Metrics?

If so, you could be wasting time and money. According to Wayne Mackey, impractical and inefficient metrics detract from work and waste time by becoming ends in themselves. A metrics program should include only the “critical few,” says Mackey. To read more click here. [requires brief site registration or FastTrack Membership]

A Maturity Model for R&D Collaboration

Where does your company stand with respect to global R&D collaboration? Maturity model describes four stages of offshore engagement, from least to highest potential value. [Requires site membership]

Examining the Strategic Impact of Investing in External Innovation

Survey by Goldense Group Inc. examines investment in external innovation assets versus innovation training - and the likely strategic impact.  [Requires site membership]

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