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Upcoming events


    Workshop: Apr 22 - 23 / Jersey City, NJ

  2. Using Product Line Roadmapping to Stimulate Innovation

    Audio Session: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 1:00pm

  3. Doubling Speed-to-Market and New Product Profits

    Audio Session: Thursday, May 15, 2014 1:00pm

  4. Technology Scouting Implementation Masterclass

    Workshop: Jun 3 - 4 / Babson College, Wellesley, MA

  5. Product & Technology Roadmapping for Future Growth: Linking Markets, Products and Technology

    Workshop: Jun 10 - 11 / Babson Executive Center, Wellesley, MA

  6. Lean Product Development Summit

    Conference: Aug 19 - 21 / Mackinac Island, MI

MRT News & Updates

Using Product Line Roadmapping to Stimulate Innovation - Webinar 4/22 with Dr. Jay Paap

With Product Line Roadmapping activities trending upwards at many companies, Management Roundtable is trying to help product developers create a common understanding of what Product Line Roadmapping is, how to implement it effectively, and enabling methods and tools.  Together with The Adept Group, we are producing a series of free webinars for you to hear from subject matter experts and industry practitioners on their experiences and opinions.

The next webinar in our series will be on "Using Product Line Roadmapping to Stimulate Innovation: Keys to Planning for Future Products," with Dr. Jay Paap and will be held on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 from 1:00-200 PM ET.  Registration is free, for more information, click here.

Our first two webinars are now available on demand - click here to request a link to a webinar be sent to you via email.

And lastly, we have also set up a new group on Linked In for people to network and invite you join in on the discussion with our community of roadmapping professionals.

Open Innovation -- Growth Engine or Resource Drain?

Does Open Innovation really pay off for firms?  Who's getting the most bang for their buck - and how are they doing it?  One of the foremost experts on Open Innovation, Dr. Gene Slowinskihas seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of strategic alliances for over 25 years. His advice: Go for alliances that shake up an industry.  It is too easy to underestimate resources and end up spending more than planned without much return. Far better to do a few powerful deals than many which are  marginal. For quick tips on generating profitable growth through Open Innovation, check out our FREE article  Making Open Innovation Alliances Pay Off: 5 Keys to Success.  

Are Your Innovation Investments Paying Back?

Perhaps you're not measuring and managing the right things. If your company is still caught up in the decades-old "sales % from new products" quagmire, you need better metrics. What's wrong with "sales % from new products" as a measure of innovation? The same thing that is wrong with pushing R&D investments down to whatever projects barely clear the hurdle of "new product" and the same thing that is wrong with killing a product that owns the market and has a ridiculously high margin. The popular, but misguided "sales % of new products" drives both of these negative behaviors and reduces your R&D return on investment. 

  • A metric such as "margin growth over sales growth" backed by the following measurable actions including:
  • Patent or idea diffusion (not the number of patents, but how good they are)
  • Portfolio balance based on cash flow and payback 
  • Portfolio rate of return 
  • Customer value to feature match 
  • Early phase research decision autonomy

will drive better returns on your innovation investment. Check out Dr. Robert Tucker's tips on improving innovation metrics.

Tech Scouting & Open Innovation: Practices of Industry Leaders - Free Download

How are companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, GE, GlaxoSmithKline, Kraft, Monsanto, Corning and other global leaders innovating new products, expanding boundaries and growing their businesses? How do they choose their scouts, their partners, and the best opportunities?  For an overview, please download our recent research on the top practices.

Voice of the Customer Research Technique that Works (Free Download)

Visiting customers can be a very effective way to gain insights that can help differentiate your product in the marketplace by discovering unmet customer needs that your next release can help address. However, it is important to conduct customer visits properly. Dr. Ed McQuarrie author of Customer Visits offers 16 tips to make your customer visits as effective as possible in this free download.

Are You Actively Monitoring More than 5 Metrics?

If so, you could be wasting time and money. According to Wayne Mackey, impractical and inefficient metrics detract from work and waste time by becoming ends in themselves. A metrics program should include only the “critical few,” says Mackey. To read more click here. [requires brief site registration or FastTrack Membership]

A Maturity Model for R&D Collaboration

Where does your company stand with respect to global R&D collaboration? Maturity model describes four stages of offshore engagement, from least to highest potential value. [Requires site membership]

Examining the Strategic Impact of Investing in External Innovation

Survey by Goldense Group Inc. examines investment in external innovation assets versus innovation training - and the likely strategic impact.  [Requires site membership]