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Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit

Upcoming events

  1. IP Strategies In An Open Innovation Environment

    Audio Session: Monday, July 11, 2016 1:00pm

  2. Design Thinking: Extreme Customer Driven Innovation

    Audio Session: Friday, July 22, 2016 1:00pm

  3. Execution is Everything – AIM Makes It Happen

    Webinar: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 12:00pm

  4. The Power of the Customer Development Model

    Audio Session: Sunday, September 18, 2016 1:00pm

MRT News & Updates

I&GL Challenges: Topic #3 – Driving Shareholder Value

Posted by Management Roundtable, Inc. on Friday, April 8, 2016

I&GL Challenges: Topic #2 – Boosting Margins


New e-Learning Open Innovation Masterclass with Gene Slowinski

Gene SlowinskiWe are excited to announce that finally you can learn from the foremost innovation gurus without leaving your office -- and you can round up to a team to join you!  Our next innovation masterclass is with Dr. Gene Slowinski on Implementing Open Innovation (Alliance Framework, IP, Financial Modeling, and Future Trends), running from May 3-13. The masterclass includes four live sessions with slides, replay option, and the opportunity to ask questions before, during, and after.

If you are looking to launch an OI initiative, fix a 'broken' partnership, or maximize your current efforts, look no further! Gene Slowinski literally wrote the book on strategic alliances -- he  knows exactly what to do and how to do it. He will provide practical guidelines and answer your specific questions. No travel, no hassle, no risk – ideal for teams.  More details here.

Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit- Special Offer for MRT Community

As a member of the Management Roundtable community, we’re delighted to invite you to the Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit, on April 25-26, 2016 in Chicago. This groundbreaking event is about innovating BIG (starting small), narrowing in on high-growth opportunities, breaking silos, leveraging technology, keeping costs low, and moving fast. Our speakers are accomplished industry leaders who know how to make a difference, from companies like BASF, WD40, Smucker’s, Clorox, Sun Products, GOJO Industries, Mondelez, Kimberly-Clark, Midwest Specialty Products, Accenture, CIMdata, Landauer, Qualcomm, and more.  

We want you to join us! 

The program is designed to maximize your time, providing actionable takeaways in two focused days. (See the agenda). You may attend just one or both days, and we encourage you to bring your team. Use the MRT code OI16 and save 20%!

YES!  Please save my seat(s) > 

This first-of-its-kind Summit is practical and collegial with top level content, lots of Q&A, hands-on experience, and synthesis.  By participating, you will learn to:

  • increase agility and adaptability to ever-changing market needs.
  • identify and weed out inefficiencies, redirect cost savings toward growth.
  • expand your ecosystem. 
  • improve organizational effectiveness

Overall, you will come away with valuable new business contacts, benchmarking insights, and the clarity and direction to get things done. For details, please review the program description, call 781-891-8080 or email

New! Keynote Speakers Join the Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit Faculty

We are delighted to announce that Robert Willems, Managing Director, Accenture, and Dr. Suna Polat, Director, Collaborative Innovation & Social Product Development Consulting Practice, CIMdata, will be leading sessions at the Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit, on April 25-26, 2016 in Chicago.  


Robert Willems’ talk will look at the challenges and opportunities associated with creating cost-competitive operating models and reinvesting in growth. Willems’ expertise is around complex global cost takeout, zero-based budgeting, corporate restructuring and post-merger integration programs; he is co-author of Increasing Agility to Fuel Growth and Competitiveness and ZBB and Closed Loop Management: An Engine for Growth.


Dr. Suna Polat’s session will be an interactive discussion on Strategies and Solutions to Overcome Inefficiencies in Enterprise Innovation Management and the findings of CIMdata's research. (see Enterprise Innovation Management: Solutions Landscape – Connecting the Dots). Through her career at Procter & Gamble (P&G) and subsequent consulting work, Dr. Polat brings many years of experience in technology development, product development, open innovation, social technologies, and more - and the organizational aspects that enable successful implementation.


Willems and Polat join Jean Spence, Former EVP, Research Development & Quality, Mondelez International as well as innovation executives from BASF, WD40, Mondelez, JM Smucker, Clorox, Sun Products, GOJO Industries, Kimberly-Clark, and others. The Summit is chaired by Cheryl Perkins, Innovationedge, and brings together top industry leaders to discuss strategies, processes, technologies and tools that facilitate profitable growth, alignment, and agility. For more information or to reserve your seat, please visit the website. Sign up today! Seats are limited.

Leading Transformative Innovation – Gaining Speed, Agility and Higher Margins

An exclusive interview with Jean E. Spence
Former Executive Vice President, Research Development & Quality, Mondelez International, Inc. (formerly Kraft Foods, Inc.)

Most firms today have had to change their game to compete.  The economy, industry fragmentation, increasing cost of goods, consumer price-shopping, the Internet, globalization – the list of reasons goes on.  While everyone talks about innovation, the reality is that pressure is even higher to improve profit margins and productivity.  As a result, many organizations have been restructuring to boost ROI.  Often this means cuts, which can actually inhibit the creativity required to fuel growth.

Under such circumstances, how do you lead people to do their best?  Especially when you lead R&D – which is often viewed as a cost center, yet expected to innovate new products and technologies.

To find out, we talked with Jean Spence. Jean was a senior leader at Kraft Foods’ restructuring, three-year turnaround, and Organizing for Growth (OFG) initiative.  She then went on to lead innovation and collaboration initiatives at Mondelez International, the remaining company after the Kraft Foods spinoff. Jean was a key member of the executive team that spearheaded both the people and product side of Kraft’s major transformation.  If anybody could speak to the implementation challenges and success factors, it is Jean.

Here is what she shared >

Announcing a breakthrough event from the producers of CoDev - The I&GL Summit is here!


The Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit: Collaborating for Transformative Growth – Inside, Outside and Across Organizations will be held April 25-26, 2016 in Chicago. This one-of-a kind Summit has been designed both by and for Chief Innovation Officers, SVPs and VPs of R&D, Product Development, Marketing, and Operations who are charged with shaping strategy and acquiring the capabilities and tools to deliver it. Interactive sessions will provide actionable insights and support so executives and their teams come away on the same page, ready to move forward together. Speakers include executives from organizations such as BASF, Clorox, WD40, Kimberly-Clark, GOJO, Sun Products, Mondelez, International Flavors & Fragrances, Smucker's, Midwest Specialty Products, and more. Key topics are how to identify the best growth opportunities, how to direct scarce resources, collaboration beyond Open Innovation, motivating people and effective implementation approaches. Reserve your seat today!

How Big Companies Can Achieve Step-Change Growth – What is Collective Disruption?

This is not a Jeopardy question; it is the answer to a dilemma faced by many established firms today.

The old definition of innovation is dead. The process companies used to follow of creating a new product or new iteration on an existing brand is barely enough to stay alive these days. Organizations now must focus on new business creation for step-change growth. Unfortunately, transformative innovation is not what most established firms are good at. 

Michael Docherty, acclaimed author of Collective Disruption, has spent the last 2+ years identifying how the smartest large companies reverse-engineer new growth platforms by co-creating and co-incubating with startups. Mike's special one-day workshop Collective Disruption to Accelerate Growth” is happening on January 21, 2016 in Chicago; he will share exclusive how-to's and case examples from J&J, Cisco, Jarden, and more, to help you apply these emerging approaches in your company. 

Listen to this brief podcast with Michael Docherty 

Healthcare Product Innovation and The Internet of Things – Opportunities, Challenges and Future Directions

Management Roundtable recently co-facilitated a virtual Think Tank on digital innovation for healthcare, Leveraging the Internet of Things to Improve Patient Outcomes, in partnership with Convetit and Benefunder. 

Strategic Planning for products and technology - how roadmaps ensure innovation and corporate growth

Does your organization have a clear innovation strategy that is understood and supported at all levels? Do you know where to focus R&D resources?  Where the market is headed, what your best opportunities are, and what disruptions are possible?

If you want to gain more control over your innovation future, one of the most powerful strategic planning tools is roadmapping -- in particular landscape maps and route maps.

Landscape maps link together market and technology factors, business drivers, capabilities and competitors. Route maps tell you what to do. Dr. Jay Paap has developed a proprietary framework around these maps and has helped many leading companies implement -- with significant results.

For a brief overview and visual picture of Landscape, Route Maps and Dr. Paap's framework, click here. For details on the next Roadmapping workshop to be led by Dr. Paap on February 24-25, 2016 in the Los Angeles area, click here.

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